Tuesday, June 24, 2014

White Four-ring (Ypthima Ceylonica)

Family : Nymphalidae
Genus : Ypthima

Local host plants : Family Poaceae
Location : Divulapitiya, Sri Lanka

White four-ring butterflies

White Four-ring is a very common butterfly in the observed location. It always prefers to fly at the ground level. Its larva feeds on plants of the Family Poaceae. Eye spots on the fore wing are used as a protective method. It is common to see them bask with their wings open.

White four-ring butterfly underside view
White four-ring butterfly has quite weak flight and often stops on leaf blades for resting. 

White four-ring butterfly feeding on Vernonia cinerea
White Four-ring Open wing
White Four-ring butterfly
White four-ring  female butterfly laying eggs on a grass blade

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