Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Crimson Rose (Pachliopta hector)

Family: Papilionidae
Genus: Pachliopta
Species: Pachiliopta hector / Atrophaneura hector

Local host plants: Aristolochia indica; Sapsanda [S]
Wingspan of adult butterfly: 65- 85mm

Crimon Rose butterfly

Common Rose is a swallowtail butterfly which belongs to the Pachliopta genus, the Red-bodied Swallowtails. It is a common butterfly in Sri Lanka specially in dry zone. Crimson Rose is a migratory butterfly species which prefers both forests and open areas. Often, the Crimson Rose butterfly visits nectar plants as; blue snakeweed, lantana camara etc. 

Crimson Rose butterfly
While descending to seek the nectar, they usually keep the wings backward which allows a precise deceleration. Crimson Rose is having a slow and steady flight. It uses the bright crimson spots on hindwing as a survival strategy to warn the predators. 

Crimson Rose nectaring

When feeding on nectar, the hind wings are staying still while a continual flapping of forewings can be observed.

Crimson rose butterfly

Crimson Rose visiting blue snakeweed flowers

Crimson Rose butterfly

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  1. Gayathri your doing a great job :-)
    This butterfly is not Common Rose, it is Crimson Rose (Pachliopta hector)