Friday, January 11, 2013

Glassy Tiger (Parantica aglea aglea)

Family : Nymphalidae
Sub-family : Danainae
Genus : Parantica
Species : P. aglea
Wingspan : 70-80mm

Host plant: Kiri aguna (Dregea volubilis Linn)
Location : Divulapitiya, Sri Lanka
Camera : Nikon D3100,18-55mm

Glassy Tiger Butterfly (Parantica aglea aglea)
Glassy Tiger (Parantica aglea aglea) is a member of family Nymphalidae. It is a sun loving butterfly and can be commonly seen throughout the day. The Glassy Tiger butterfly often visit small flower bushes. It prefers habitats with open areas with sheltered environment. Similar to Monarch butterflies, the Glassy Tiger butterflies are toxic to predators.

Glassy Tiger; open wing

Both forewing and hindwing are having whitish markings with black base. Male Glassy Tiger butterflies have scent patches on the underside of hindwing. Head and thorax are white spotted with blackish base. The markings on upperside are similar to those on underside but with darker shades. 

Glassy Tiger butterflies
When searching for nectar plants, Glassy Tiger butterflies prefer to be with one or more members of same species. It has a slow undulating flight and often found in searching for host plants and nectar plants.  

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