Friday, June 20, 2014

Psyche (Leptosia nina nina)

Family : Pieridae
Sub-family : Pierinae
Genus : Leptosia
Wingspan : 25-30 mm

Local host plant : Fringed Spider Flower (Cleome rutidosperma)
Location : Divulapitiya, Sri Lanka

Psyche butterfly

In Greek, the Psyche stands for both "soul" and "butterfly". According to Roman mythology, Psyche was the Greek goddess of the soul. There's a fascinating story about her which you can read from internet. Psyche is also known as Wandering Snowflake, a lovely name which describes this little wonderful butterfly. 

Psyche butterfly

Psyche (Leptosia nina),is a member of family Pieridae (the Whites and Yellows). It is a very common butterfly with weak and erratic flight and often prefers low heights. Sometimes it reaches about 5 ft searching for nectar. When compared to other butterflies, Psyche keep flying for long period of time without resting.

Psyche: Female

Psyche butterflies are perching with closed wings and it is quite difficult to observe the upperside of wings. The upperside is white with a black subapical spot and black apex. There are greenish lines, streaks and dots on the underside of the wings. 

Psyche; Upperside

Psyche is very fond of visiting small flowers at ground level. It prefers to be in urban areas, sheltered grasslands, forest clearings and wastelands etc. Although it has a very weak flight, it is difficult to take photographs because of their restless behavior. When disturbed it takes longer period to than usual to settle back.

Psyche butterflies mating
Psyche butterfly has transparent wings as you can clearly see in the above image. 

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