Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Early Stages of Plain Tiger butterfly

Freshly emerged Plain Tiger butterfly: Female
Male Plain Tiger butterfly
Eggs of Plain Tiger butterflies are laid singly on the underside of leaves of the host plant. Eggs hatch after about 3 days. The caterpillar usually feeds on immature leaves of the host plant and it takes about 10 to 15 days to develop from 1st instar to final instar.

Fifth instar caterpillar of Plain Tiger

Body length of the fifth instar caterpillar reaches up to about 35- 40 mm which reduces to about 27-30 mm in the later stage. The fifth instar caterpillar lasts for about 3-3.5 days. Then it ceases eating and start wandering to find an appropriate place to form pupae. 

Just before pre-pupatory stage

Body color changes to light greenish yellow at the pre-pupatory stage. The pupation happens after about 12 hours.
After development of 5-6 days, the pupal skin starts to become translucent. The patterns on forewing are clearly visible and the pupal skin is disentangled from the body of butterfly when it is ready to emerge.

Color of the pupa at 6.00 PM

Color of the pupa at 8.00 PM

Color of the pupa at 11.00 PM

Color of the pupa at next day morning 6.00 AM

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