Sunday, June 8, 2014

Danaid Eggfly (Hypolimnas misippus)

Family : Nymphalidae
Sub-family: Nymphalinae
Genus : Hypolimnas

Local host plants : Minnie Root (Ruellia tuberosa, Acanthaceae), Chinese Violet (Asystasia gangetica, Acanthaceae)
Location : Divulapitiya, Sri Lanka. 

Danaid Eggfly

Danaid Eggfly (Hypolimnas misippus), a member of family Nymphalidae, is well known for its mimicry and polymorphism (biology). Male butterflies are having distinct white spots with bluish outline. Female butterflies are having different forms and some mimic plain tiger butterflies. The head and thorax regions are filled with white spots in black base and antennae is black in color.

Danaid eggfly male butterfly
The Danaid Eggfly butterflies can be found in many habitats including scrublands, open areas and botanical gardens. These butterflies often visits flower bushes and perch on leaves. 

Danaid Eggfly Male Underside

The male Danaid Eggfly butterflies usually prefer to bask on ground or perch with wings half to fully opened. The male butterfly waits for female butterflies who passing them and chase until the female butterfly accepts it. 

Danaid Eggfly Upperside
Upperside of Danaid Eggfly male butterfly is having black base color with circular spots. These patches are visible as white and have a deep bluish purple shade that gleams in bright sunlight. 

Danaid Eggfly Open Wing

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