Saturday, November 17, 2012

Common Cerulean (Jamides celeno)

Family : Lycaenidae
Genus : Jamides
Species : J. celeno
Wingspan   : 27-40 mm

Local host plants  : Rosary pea/ඔළිඳ (Abrus precatorius), Mung plant/මුං (Vigna radiata), Rattle weed/අඬනහිරියා(Crotalaria retusa)

Location : Divulapitiya, Western province, Sri Lanka.

The Common Cerulean (Jamides celeno) is a small butterfly belongs to family Lycaenidae. The adult common cerulean shows differences in appearance according to the season (Source: Jamides_celeno). It is a common butterfly in all elevations, throughout the year. Female butterflies have much paler colors than the males. 

Common cerulean butterflies bask with their wings been partially opened to the sunlight. They often stay on leaf tips of bushes and trees near the ground level.

Common Cerulean
Upperside of male butterfly has a pale bluish white ground color. The forewing has a terminal margin narrowly edged with black. It slightly broadens towards the apex of forewing.

The common cerulean has brownish black antennae with white markings. The thorax and abdomen is pale brown/ white.

Common Cerulean

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